Websters Pages Haul

A few weeks ago Websters Pages, a company that I love! Was having a warehouse sale. I’m always leery about warehouse sales but I really love there products so I figured I would give it a try.

I received my box on Saturday and I was ecstatic for $30 dollars I got a ton of great products!

I received a ton of 12×12 paper (I didn’t count the sheets), 3 6×6 paper stacks, stickers, and all kinds of embellishments!

They packaged my product nicely and there was no damage!

Here are some photos of all the stuff I received for $30 and that included the shipping!







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  1. Sarah

    Nice deal! I know that scrap booking paraphrase lisa can get really expensive really quick, and it looks like you had quite the steal going on here! I just LOVE getting new crafting “toys”.

    1. Beth

      It was a great steal!!! I don’t usually purchase warehouse boxes from companies but this one was well worth it. Every month they do a sprinkles box as well which is some stuff for 10 dollars and a cookie!

  2. muddledmom

    That’s a great deal! I’d say you made out and got some really nice things.

    1. Beth

      Hi Karen, I did get a really good deal! It was a wonderful amount of scrapbooking supplies which can be expensive. I was very pleased with my warehouse box and plan on purchasing it again when they offer it.

  3. I didn’t buy one this time, but I have gotten warehouse boxes from them before. I always love what I get. The trims alone are usually what I paid for the box.

    1. Beth

      Hey Christy,
      I was really impressed with what I received from them the products were new products and the amount of trim was amazing. I was really shocked that I received 3 6×6 paper packs. I love 6×6 paper there are so many things that you can do with it and the price was just perfect! Other warehouse sales range in the $50 dollar price range so I was very happy to pay what I paid and the price included shipping! I really like the best friends collection that they came out with. Do you have a favorite collection from them.

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