Welcome To The New Rock Your Notebook Site

This site has been a long time coming for me. If you have been with me since the beginning then you know that Rock Your Notebook didn’t start out as Rock Your Notebook but started out as Scrapping Wonders.

I have had a blog for a very long time now, since 2011, and this new site has all the blog posts from the old site because there is some great content that I have created about scrapbooking, art journaling and travelers notebooks.

See I am a crafty person but the majority of my craftiness can all coincide together because they are papercrafts. I scrapbook in albums and in travelers notebooks, I art journal in travelers notebooks and on canvases and other random things that I have in my stash and then, of course, I use my traveler’s notebooks for many things, but that information I will save for another blog post.

Anyways, back to the creation of this site, it took me a long time to let go of Scrapping Wonders because I had done many fantastic things with that site such as create classes, write blogs and tons of tutorials. I realized that I didn’t have to get rid of that stuff I just had to move it over to a new home and that is what this site is a new home.

I can now get back to creating new classes and more content for you so that you can learn all kinds of techniques from me and I can have everything in one cohesive spot. I hope that you like the new site and that you enjoy all the fun things that have in store for you in 2020.

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