What do you Photograph?

what do you photographyI tend to find that I take tons of photos when we have a life event such as a family birthday or my son just recently had his 8th grade prom or when we go on a family vacation. The amount of photos that I end up taking are a little on the ridiculous side. I know this happens because I have a digital camera and I can just click-through and pick the ones that need to be printed but boy is it a pain in the booty to go through 100’s of photos of the same event!

I take a ton of everyday photos every week as well but I only go through these photos once a month when I empty my iPhone and put all the photos on my computer.

I have a process that I wanted to share with you that might or might not make your life a little easier when it comes to all these photos!

First don’t let your photos on your smartphone get out of control whether you have an iPhone or an Android or a Blackberry it is important to not let your photos build up on these devices and not have them backed up. A good rule of thumb is that at the very least you backup these photos at least once a month if not more!

Once you backup these photos up it is a good idea to organize them immediately on your computer. Whether you organize them chronologically or by event you should get them organized because it makes it easier for you to remember the story that goes along with the photo.

If you have time edit the photos as you go along and sort them as whether they are going to be printed or not printed do so! 

Lets just assume that you have more time to go ahead and upload those photos that you have chosen to be printed to your company of choice that you use for printing photos, I say do it because as busy people you never know when you will get a chance to sit down at your computer again!

These are a few of my tips and tips that I live by in order to get my photos printed and into a scrapbook album in a timely manner! Oh wait is there such a thing as scrapbooking our memories in a timely manner? I can tell you that I will probably never be fully caught up in my scrapbooking but I am OK with that as long as I am able to remember the stories that go along with the photos!

So what do you photograph and do you have any tips on how you handle all your digital photos? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Beth!

    I haven’t commented on your blog for awhile mainly because I don’t have a smart phone and the apps aren’t something I can use at this point. Hopefully if I get a smartphone sometime in the future, I can go to your archives and read those posts.

    I wanted to comment on your question about what I photograph and how I handle my photos.

    I take pictures of all kinds of things: great scenery and buildings where we travel, famous landmarks and plaques, my husband in those settings (he takes pics of me, too), anyone who is traveling with us, the food we eat (somtimes), even elaborately decorated bathrooms (I get lots of kidding about that one!), VBS activities . . .I could go on and on!

    Typically, after loading my photos onto my computer, I put them in files first by the event, then into folders labeled with the year. That’s the short version of how I organize them. I have a blog article on my scrapbooking blog of how I work with not only my digital pictures, but also my pics from APS cartridges and negatives. If you want to check out the post it is on my blog at http://marciasscrapbookingblog.blogspot.com. The post is called Organizing APS Cartridges from Digital Photo Files.

    Happy scrapbooking!

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