Why Traveler’s Notebook Inserts?

travelers notebook insertsMany of you may be wondering why I decided to go ahead and start an Etsy shop and really the answer is quite simple. I love travelers notebook inserts, I love creating in them and I love making them! I saw a need for something different and I wanted to make something that my scrapbooking and art journalers could use.

I have been creating travelers notebook inserts for a while now as it is truly something that I love to do and I now have a passion for finding the best paper I can at the best price that I can so that I can continue to provide the best travelers notebook inserts. I know that’s a lot of best’s but I truly do mean this as I am constantly researching and looking for quality affordable paper. All the inserts that I sell are made with paper that will not bleed through to the other side and can accept different mediums to varying degrees. .

The mixed media paper insert is made with Canson mixed media paper and can withstand quite a bit. I have put this insert to the test and so has Jenn Engle from Mixed Media Jenn. You can see her review video here and you can see one of my art journal process videos here.

The Tomoe River paper insert is made with Tomoe River paper which is simply amazing paper and super thin. The paper does not have any bleed through and can be used with mixed media products as well. I have some art journal process videos on my YouTube channel using the Tomoe River paper.

The watercolor insert is made with Canson watercolor paper and is bound with wax thread which is perfect for book binding. I use a saddle stitch to bind this insert because the paper is to thick for staples.

The black mixed media insert is made with black mixed media paper that is 104 pound paper and is amazing! This insert is also bound with waxed thread.

The vellum bristol paper insert is lovely because it has a bit of texture on it and does not have any bleed through. The paper is bright white and is a really nice cardstock.

The dot grid insert is 32lb pound paper and the grid is printed with a laster jet printer. This paper is so smooth and does not have have any bleed through. This insert was made because my scrapbookers requested a dot grid insert and I am so proud of this insert and the paper that has been used to create it.

Last but not least the plain white insert is made with 110lb bright white cardstock and is perfect for your scrapbooking needs. This insert is like having a mini scrapbook album!

I have a flip through of a completed art journal that I made using the mixed media insert and all I can is that I absolutely love the final insert.

There you have it my story of why I created an Etsy shop and what I plan on bringing to my scrapbookers and art journalers. If you have a particular type of insert that you would like to see in the shop please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to make it happen.

Click here to go shopping and test one of these inserts out for yourself! You can also sign up for the travelers notebook inserts email list and save 20% off your first order by clicking here!

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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. Kellie McCracken

    I am excited to get my inserts from you! I watched the videos and loved them. I’m hoping you’ll consider making some B6 with more pages in the future! (hint hint!)

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much for watching my videos and placing an order! I have considered making inserts with more paper and will probably do so in the near future

  2. thanks for the information on the different types of paper you are using, I was a bit confused when I looked at your inserts. Now I want to try them all. I’m off to look at your YouTube channel. These will be perfect for in the go creating.

    1. Beth

      Thanks so much for reading the post I hope you get tons of inspiration from the videos !

  3. Melissa

    I can’t wait to start using my new inserts! I didn’t see that you had black inserts when I ordered. I have been wanting to experiment with black mixed media paper for a while now. I will have to order more soon. I will also send my friends over to check out your shop. I am so glad that you make the Tomoe River paper inserts!

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much for ordering and the black mixed media inserts are amazing you are going to love them! The Tomoe River paper is just so fun to work with and I appreciate you sending your friends over to my shop that means a lot to me!

  4. Deborah

    I’m new to junk journals and TN. I didn’t even think about paper that bleeds through. It’s nice to know that someone takes this seriously enough to do the research for me.

    1. Beth

      I am absolutely fascinated with paper these days and I love looking for paper that is perfect for my customers

  5. Marylou Lynn

    Looking forward to getting my inserts! Will check out your videos also

  6. Debbie O'Halloran

    Although I currently have only bought the plastic dashboard inserts, I have to say that this blog entry is very interesting. I think the time and care you put into finding papers appropriate for what people most want to use them for is awesome. Bleed through is one of the worst things for a TN user, or any artist using paper – so that is key when making decisions on purchasing. It seems like you have taken great care to make sure that this is not a problem for your customers, and I truly appreciate that! Thank you

  7. Lesley Keller

    I have only just begun using TNs. I have purchased a couple of inserts by Midori as I was introduced to TNs at a shop in Tampa and that’s what they sell. I’m just now finding vendors on Etsy. I have ordered 2 of your plastic craft mats to use when I want to do backgrounds in y journals. Having said all that, I don’t have a clue which type of insert I’d like best! I do like all the research you did for the different types of paper.

  8. Becky

    I have a passion for paper and I am glad to have met you. I agree that both of the Canson papers that you have mentioned are really good papers. I plan on eventually using wet mediums in my TN and will be glad to buy my inserts from you.

    I’m looking forward to receiving my first order from you and I appreciate everything that you did to make it happen. Becky

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much Becky! I hope you are happy wit your inserts and that you have a wonderful time playing in them and getting arty!

  9. Sue Anderson

    I just ordered another insert from you — the one with the budgies.

    I don’t wildly decorate my TNs, but I do enjoy using inserts to make them pretty. Glad to see your video on papers you use. I write with fountain pens, and have always been cautious about the risk of ghosting and bleed through. It bothers me a lot, so I choose papers that I trust. I’m glad to see that you have Rhodia dot grid, which is one of my favorites. I plan to buy more inserts from you.

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I am a paper snob and I prefer to work with quality paper for my inserts because that is what I want to use.

  10. Shannon

    I would love to have a dated calendar TN insert with the alternating month and then weekly views, in a six month format. I don’t use all the extra notes and tracker pages in the back of the book, I have other inserts for that purpose. So just the calendar pages would be great! Thank you.

  11. Trine Tollefsen Malde

    I would love an insert that is particularly good for sketching and/or doodling challenges/lettering challenges. I know I could probably just use the mixed media inserts, but for that kind of on-the-go fast sketching and doodling I would like more sheets, but sturdier than Tomoe River (although I haven’t tried sketching on that paper, so might work). So an inserts with cheaper paper but more pages 🙂 Love your inserts, planning to try some more different ones once I’ve got the funds 🙂

    1. Beth

      Hi Trina I used to offer drawing paper as an option but now I only offer it upon request. Whenever your ready just send me a message and I can tell you how to go about getting the drawing paper! Thank you for the beautiful compliments

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