button collection: detail
button collection: detail (Photo credit: chronographia)

So I have been so busy this weekend creating a website, going to not one but 2 birthday parties and looking for buttons and rik rak for arts and crafts projects for my little 4-year-old. Then of course before you know it Monday is back and you have to go back to work!!! Geeeeezzzz no wonder why I am a coffee monster. It seems like it is always non stop. I did manage to find some time for my scrapbooking though!!! Still working on my 2010 album. I am probably about a quarter of the way done but as I am scrapbooking I realize that the whole month of February is missing. So as I sit scratching my head going really did I not take any pictures of my monsters in the month of February of 2010??? I guess its possible but I am generally a picture-taking monster!!! So I have a mission to find the month of February somewhere in my memory manager program so that I can print them and scrapbook them. Good thing is that I am using side loading sleeves that I can just go ahead and rearrange my album at any time so that the pictures can be in order. You see, some people are chronological scrapbookers and some people are theme scrapbookers. My OCD (I say this jokingly because it really should be called CDO, because the letters should be in alphabetical order) does not allow me to be a theme scrapbooker. For this reason my yearly scrapbooks are done by month. I also enjoy scrapbooking chronologically because it really gives me a chance to see how much my children have changed over the year. Toddler years and teen years seem to be the years to watch your children change right in front of your face. I wonder what kind of scrapbooker are you and why? Please leave some comments so I don’t feel like the only OCD scrapbooker in the world!!!!

I did find that during my busy weekend Wal-Mart is definitely the cheapest place to buy a package of buttons or any buttons for that matter. Michaels did not have a bag of assorted buttons and Wal-Mart did and for only $5.99!!! I bought some canvas wall hangings and I plan on letting my little monster go to town gluing buttons on her canvas. This lovely idea came to me when my little monster became fascinated with the button that fell off my sweater the other day. So I figured what better way to foster that then let her have a blast gluing a bunch of buttons!!!

Happy Scrapping Everyone 🙂

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  1. Cam

    Well, for sure the desire and talent for crafting runs amongst the women in our family! Love your site sweetheart! My favorite part of Sunday was my evening visit with my best two girls, daughter and granddaughter!

    1. bethie8

      It sure does and I had a wonderful time with you as well. Thank you for all your support. Hopefully Raena and I can complete her art and craft project soon!!!

  2. Michele

    Absolutely OCD about my chronological ScrapBooking!! And I don’t have a good excuse like ever-changing children to watch 🙂 To me it just makes SENSE. When was that trip?? Look in the ScrapBooks. What year did we have hubby’s birthday at that awful place?? Check the ScrapBook!! And so it goes …

    I do special ScrapBooks for special events. Vacations. Big birthdays. But I even do those in order!! First day of vacation, first pages of album, 2nd day is the next set of pages, etc. The exceptions are the first and last pages of my albums. I usually make them decorative “Cover” and “End” pages.

    Though I didn’t do my Grandfather’s Memorial albums in chronological order. Weeeeeell, I sort of did. There were lots of random photos and so I grouped things together. The family he was born into first. Then the “Husband” section with pictures of him and my Grandmother. The “Father” section; pictures with his son. Then Grandfather, then Employee, then Church Member and Deacon. Sooo, it was sort of chronological in that they were natural extensions of how a man’s life progresses. At first it bothered me that I couldn’t do it in order, but there were not enough dated pictures or even pictures of “expected” events – like not a single picture of him with a birthday cake! – so I came up with a “Plan B.” There is always more than one path to the top of the mountain, even if you have to forge your own!

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