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All notebooks are hand stitched and made with the best quality papers available at affordable prices. Find notebooks that are made with Tomoe River, Rhodia, Mixed Media and Watercolor papers just to name a few. 

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The Rockin Box is a great way to enjoy a monthly theme for your travelers notebook setups. Each month you will receive a new notebook, stickers, journal cards and an exclusive pen for only $29.95 and this includes the shipping! Each box is individually put together by Beth and all notebooks are hand stitched. 

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The Rockin Group is the community where we discuss all things traveler’s notebooks, Classes are where you will find classes that I have created for you and Tutorials is where you will find mixed media, art journaling, traveler’s notebooks and scrapbooking inspiration. 

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All notebooks are made to order because they are handmade and hand stitched. Notebooks are made with quality paper such as Tomoe River, Watercolor and Mixed Media as a few of the options.  

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